Tips for living plastic free in 2018 By: Garry Knox 1 – Bring your own shopping bag Even though in some countries there is a charge for getting a carrier bag from your store, many people bring their own bags JUST for groceries. Start bringing a bag for clothes and other products too. A great way to achieve this is to take a back pack everywhere you go, and store a couple of fabric bags in there too! 2 – Carry a reusable water bottle Again, most back packs have a place to store a bot
Corporate/Hospitality Division Created at Lapels Formed to better serve hotels and restaurants, company notes HANOVER, Mass. - Lapels Dry Cleaning recently announced the formation of a corporate/hospitality division. The new division was formed to better serve hotels, restaurants and corporate accounts that require and/or offer dry cleaning services for guests and staff, it notes. "Several of our locations serve large corporate accounts like Intel, Google, Starwood Lodging and others," says K
Classic Cleaners is your GreenEarth Alternative When Janice Gray opened Classic Cleaners, nearly 20 years ago, she never dreamed she would still be operating a dry cleaning business.  After the business sold several times and operated successfully for many years before closing by a former owner, Janice decided to reopen the business. Classic Cleaners is unique in that it is the only cleaners in Statesboro that operates using the GreenEarth® cleaning process which specializes in eco-friendly cl
Waste not, want not! By: Garry Knox We often find ourselves in a situation where we are appalled by the amount of food that is thrown away. Not just by our loved ones but by fast food companies and supermarkets too. Often it can be food hygiene regulations, certainly where fresh food is concerned, that stops that food going to a good cause. Not only could the amount of food going to landfill be reduced but equally it could be put to good use by the vulnerable people in our societies. Well now a
At the many family dinners, festive parties, and neighborhood open houses this holiday season, you want your table to look perfect. Many linens are special, especially when they are gifts or heirlooms handed down from generation to generation. But unfortunately, even on holidays, people have "accidents" and spill food and drinks. As a result, knowing how to properly care for your linens becomes especially important.
Today we’d like to introduce you to John Camerino. John, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today. As a second generation dry cleaner, I am very passionate about providing my customers with the best environmentally friendly dry cleaning in San Diego. That is why I chose the GreenEarth Cleaning Process. My business philosophy is to treat all customers with care and respect and to make sure that every customer leaves “HAPPY”. And if you are not, I will reach out to you personally to find out what I can do to make you happy. Stop by today and see what makes us the “Veribest” in garment care.
SBA Update No Cause For Concern By: Zarah Eads The Small Business Administration (SBA) recently announced an update to its Standard Operating Procedure regarding Lender and Development Company Loan Programs. And once again, being a GreenEarth Affiliate pays off. *Cue hair flip* It will go into effect Jan. 1, 2018. However, loans that were approved prior still fall under the previous SOP edition. The new policy concerns dry cleaners' use of solvents. Any on-site cleaning facilities that have use
Sustainable Customers By: Ron Benjamin How can we build a world that is sustainable now?   How can we insure that our children's children can continue to enjoy today's world tomorrow? Recently on October 20th, Professor Lorynn Divita of Baylor University, an author, fashion merchandising expert, textile specialist, and futurist, made the following comment to the National Cleaners Association: "Today millennials see fast fashion as the #2 polluter behind oil!" That's a big statement. And a big
Get Clean Here! By: Joe Blaha GreenEarth Cleaning since 1999 has championed the introduction of the only truly sustainable, environmentally non-toxic, non-hazardous, affordable, and effective alternative to all those solvents available that are built upon a carbon based petrochemical foundation. The GreenEarth solution is pure liquid silicone and not an organic petrochemical solvent…it is uniquely different! Being a completely different chemistry has led many in this industry to question the
Bringing The GreenEarth Family Together By: Garry Knox The last weekend in September, saw GreenEarth® Affiliates come together once again in our home town of Kansas City, Missouri. It's so nice to see lots of familiar faces and new ones too, where social gatherings and sharing knowledge and information take place. We had guests from far and wide within America as well as visitors from Canada and the U.K. The event started with an informal gathering at Martin City Brewery, where guests got to s


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