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Best dry cleaners san diego, best dry cleaning san diego, best green dry cleaners san diego"My husband and I have been using Veribest Cleaners for about 7 years. We had a brief interlude when a new dry cleaner opened up just across from our offices and I decided to try them for the convenience factor. We soon discovered that the service could not compare to Veribest in terms of quality of work and the friendliness of the staff, so we are back and continue to be very pleased with Veribest Cleaners. The name says it all!"
 - Donna W.


"Veribest is the very best! I have been through four dry cleaners from University City to Hillcrest and Veribest is the winner. They are so superior that for two years I drove from Clairemont to Hillcrest for their superior service. Customer service and friendliness are their hallmark. The owners work on the premises daily so the quality control is beyond compare. The employees are friendly, know me by name and always greet me with a smile. They take care of my clothes with lots of TLC."
 - Brenna B.


"Over the last five years I have been a twice weekly customer of Veribest Cleaners. Over this period I have received high quality service, friendly and efficient Staff transactions, engaged and attentive Owners, and reliable and dependable service and support. One of the most appreciated features of Veribest is the VIP program that allows for quick drop offs and pick- ups. Billing is arranged monthly and the time saved on each stop is value added to the experience. The typical delay of checking in has been by passed; picking up is just as quick. I usually pull in the parking lot, the clothes are staged and ready before I reach the door. I am back out in just a moment. I am usually on the phone or blackberry; never have to stop the call or meeting, just in and out.


The friendly name recognition is just so nice in this experience; most of the staff has been onboard for years. The business is computer operated, I am amazed at the consistent service, each week, on time every time, each expectation is met, each visit is friendly, and all work is high quality. I can safely plan business trips around the reliable services of Veribest Cleaners. I have never been disappointed, delayed or ever had a late pick-up. I am sure the expectations of business travelers and working families will be met by the very hard working, professional, and well organized Staff at Veribest Cleaners".
 - Dan M.


"I am a very satisfied customer of Veribest Cleaners. The quality of your service and product is better than any I have had with a dry cleaner. I am comfortable bringing any garment for cleaning, knowing the job will be done right. I also appreciate buttons being re-sewn, and extra care for delicate items. You even saved a lambskin coat I had gotten wet. And no visit for pickup would be complete without the fun and friendly banter with Yoli. Her "service with a smile" is something I look forward to. She's the icing on the cake. Thank you for doing it right."
 - Cole J.


"After having tried four dry-cleaners in the Hillcrest area I found Veribest to be the best. Their staff is very friendly and prompt!" - Janet L."Several months ago, I received one of your mailers and when I saw the address, I more or less dismissed the idea of using your services because I figured I would have a problem finding a parking space. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see you have your own parking. I used to live in Scripps Ranch and used a cleaners in that area but it was a hassle to drive up there from my present, down town residence.


I went home and packed up my slacks and shirts and brought them into your facility. I was greeted by a very friendly and professional employee. She took my order and told me when they would be ready. Several days later, I returned to pick up my clothes and was very surprised to find that she remembered me and had my order pulled and ready for me. She then further astounded me by remembering my name. I am embarrassed to admit that I failed to get her name but I am sure you know who I am talking about. She is a real jewel and I would come back just because of her. I was also very pleased with the cleaning and pressing work you did on my clothes.


It has been a couple of months since I was in but I have many pairs of pants so I do not come in until I am about out, mainly because I am a terrible procrastinator and I am also a very big guy, 70 years old with fairly severe arthritis so I have a problem with mobility. I really appreciate your parking spaces right at your door. I assure you that I will be a regular customer from now on. On my next trip, I will find out the name of the lovely lady and pay her the same respect she showed me."
 - Gary L. H.


"They are the very best. Cleaning comes back looking like new. Great VIP service and pick-up and delivery, plus a friendly and helpful staff."- Elene S"Best I have found. I tried several cleaners in the Mission Hills/Hillcrest area. These folks are the best, with none of the others a close second. Very knowledgeable."
 - David B. 


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(619) 574-8893